About Partial Owner

Andrea Angiolillo started Partial Owner as a follow up to a series of popular comedic sketches about retail investing. The most popular videos include "Me after investing all my money into Gamestop" & "Me after investing all my money into AMC", which aired on Bloomberg internationally and was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Partial Owner line is a way to offer something to the community thats taken part in the ongoing saga and wants to represent it. It's also a way to support the growth of it, with the hope that the videos only get better and that this first iteration of Partial Owner is only the start. 

The goal is that it goes beyond just fans of the videos and becomes something that all retail investors can enjoy. Down the road it'll feature all sorts of comedic designs covering a wide variety of business & financial topics.

And in case you wondering... stock tickers aren't copyrighted (and even if they were how could they sue me if I own the company).